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I cherish every day of ‘Sunset’ moment when something must die every each day. I feel like by experience of death I am rebirthing every each day new me and young me & powerful me and refreshes me to fully live my day. I feel free!!! ~ When I dance. When I create. When I travel. When I am flying within my meditation experience. I am back home in New York City to present performance all original choreography by Ninja Ballet on May 25th Saturday one performance only. Don’t miss this greatest opportunity to catch ninjas and ballerinas experiencing karmic cycle to break free finally to live our best and truthfully also to discovering what’s your purpose of our each life discovering. 20min of Sound bath will be including it at this performance. You will have a blessed moment. So much love & thank you for supporting always. #NinjaBallet #Dancing #martialarts #ninjas #ballerinas #May25th #2019 #Saturday #Sunset #death #live #life #beauty #darkness #love #freedom #performingarts – from Instagram