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Dear New York City, our lockdown has passed over a month now. Looking at NYC from inside to out. Realizing that I have never stopped working since I moved here on 2008. It's been 12years has passed. This was my first a month off in this tire 12years. As you can imagine who came from Japan (amazing but workaholic honestly) and ballerina who used to work 365days. If you are dancer you know what I am talking about everyday how hard we practiced in tire our life. I am very thankful for this TIME we are giving in our hand. This is the most miracle time in my life so far. And biggest awakening call and also I can appreciate more now of everything that i have. Before i was just running around and of course i am happy to live and eat with what I love to do, but also super exhausted sometimes. This change has bought me so much joy and biggest realization. Thanks to universe for the most greatest gift I ever received in my life. #trustinuniverse #lifechanging #newexperience #dairy #lockdown30days #april2020iscomplete – from Instagram

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