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Dear Instagram, I have not posted here or visited here for a while now. I had to go through my spiritual path/growth without technology for a 2 weeks. Observing how quiet NYC Street is yet, every evening at 7pm comes I go out on my balcony and there is performance that happening on my area. There is musician, opera singer joinning the appreciation and give a thanks to health workers and making a sound every night from home to home. I am thinking to perform from my balcony soon… since that I miss so much to give. Specially today was Earth Day. We were scheduled to perform #ninjaballet at #dixsonplace in #downtown #nyc It's safe and healthy to be postponed for 2021. I am so happy to have recieved this much of time for first time in my life from universe. We are always gifted. #TIME Always finding new gratitude for mother earth. Thank you… we are blessed. #Earthday2020 also check on my Ninja Shoes… Perfect time to be a Ninja in NYC now. I can totally wear my costume on the street and yet I looks like everyone else. #ninja – from Instagram

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