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As artists, we share our music rhythms and dance communication to different culture people to learn better, to get to know better, to remember our tribe root of dance. But meanwhile we all are artist, often people mind controlled by system world to not do what we are supposed to be doing. Such as helping more army to get stronger each country to battle and compare each other instead of create peace together. so that one day the war start again. and almost all people doesn't know that they are almost all helping that system by paying a tax. If half of that money goes to artist, our world will get much better as human beings. Also for nature world and animal world as well. Because we are naturally more willing to connect and loving and caring that's what human does. When you travel the world you know people and you know your self. Let's not play by people's rule. Let's follow our heart always! #keepbeinglight #truth #involve #human #ninjaballet – from Instagram